Friday, November 29, 2013

Love and Light Healing or Dark Arts of Sales?

I am angry again! It happens when you care about patients and healthcare and open your eyes.

I have just seen the blog describing a child dying from receiving 'herbal homeopathy' treatment instead of antibiotics for a streptococcal infection. And the parents are under investigation for child abuse - neglect leading to the death of their child. 

I am not sure about that one. Certainly it is taking the concept of child abuse literally, which means that parents have no rights, only responsibilities to the physical and psychological care of their child. By the same logic, we would be locking up all the parents of obese children. 

Perhaps this is just for public show and education and will go no further. Those parents have suffered enough. They are going to have to live with causing the death of their child for the rest of their lives. They have suffered enough.

I seriously believe that they are the naive victims of dark side sales strategies that are being used by the 'alternative healers', conspiracists and their media. They are the ones that should be held responsible and accountable for the death of this child.

I want to see the 'homeopath', who may not have been a trained homeopath at all but a complete amateur, in court. The author of any book in their house the influenced this decision should be prosecuted.

I am all for freedom of speech and it is time I had mine too. I want to see Government Mental and Physical Health Warnings splashed across every book and other piece of media that objectively and culturally threatens the mental and physical health of the reader or viewer. It is the right of every reader or viewer to know the whole of the truth.

I am very open minded, unusually so, to alternatives to modern medicine themselves. Evidence Based Medicine does support their occasional use There is a safe place to use them when a medical diagnosis or non-diagnosis has been made I applaud those alternative health systems that are rising to the challenge of meeting medicine on a level playing field and whole heartedly believe that sceptics are treating them unfairly.

What I object to is malicious and malevolant sales strategies being used to sell such therapies for personal and societal gain and profit, including the rubbishing of medical professionals and their effective therapies. 

I am deeply offended at their claims be holistic and that doctors are not. They claim to be working holistically with body and mind. 

What do they know about the body? Ask them where the kidneys or ovaries are. What is that muscle called? What does it actually do?

I am all in favour of physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropracters as front line clinicians in their area because they actually know what they are talking about and what they are doing.

What do they know of the mind? Ask them what an emotion is. Ask them how they are learned and how they express themselves. They do not know.

Amateur counselling based on blind sympathy is liable to make the problem worse rather than better. But patient's like it.

You would hope that an 'energy worker' would at least know what this energy stuff is. Usually if you ask, you will get some glib, meaningless jargon like 'energy is vibrational frequency'. Press them and they don't know. They can give no usable definition relating to the real world or health, mental or physical.

This is the worst passive aggressive use of language as a weapon of intimidation to show the client's lowly position in the hierarchy of things. This is not the use of communication to share knowledge or understanding but belittle the recipient, disempower them and confirm who is the guru here that is some incomprehensibly knowledgeable that they must be trusted. Just don't question. Pay up.

Apparently, doing a couple of hours  in a Reiki 'workshop' is enough to demand more cash per hour than years of medical training in the UK. Anybody with a name in the healing world can charge more than a surgeon even in the US where the public would have it that doctors are profiteering. Somehow, their therapist is full of love and light and would never do such a thing.

They have disempowered the public from questioning, understanding or analysis of what they are up to by causing mass confusion. Then they gloss it over with image so nobody suspects.

'Energy' does have a meaning. I was taught it in psychology. It is the power to change internally, mentally, in order to adapt to the environment. Positive energy is pep talk that motivates the use of energy. Negative energy is the stress caused by resisting necessary internal and psychological change.

So when a cilent comes complaining of stress, their objective is to vampire their energy. Because the customer does not understand what 'energy' is, they can be told that the 'therapist' is giving them 'energy' when they are removing the necessity to change. Because nobody knows what 'personal' or 'spiritual' 'evolution' is, they can tell their clients that they are evolving. In fact, they are being regressed towards the animal and child stage.

They call it becoming conscious when they are advocating becoming subconscious, less than conscious.

Listen to your heart! I know a little bit about what that means when the sages of old and mystery schools used that pretty phrase. I know what it means to somebody who is informed about what 'the heart' is. It is the altrustic mindset above linear consciousness in the abstract hierarchy of the mind. In that philosophical hierarchy, which was even used by the likes of Galen, the linear mind, normal consciousness, is placed in the upper abdomen. Below it in this abstract, working model, lie the two parts of the subconscious mind, the passive aggressive subconscious mind.

If you know that, you know that this wonderful heart that they are talking about is ultra-objective due to its selflessness and lack of ego. You know that it is ultra-rational compared to linear consciousness. It fulfils the highest philosophical formal logic of consistency with the the entirety of the available evidence. It is more likely to be correct in practical situations than normal consciousness. It outperforms linear arguments that forget the context in real life. It really is worth listening to in real life.

In this way, the past masters of the clinical arts were truly clinicians of heart and soul. And they earned that the hard way, just as the ancient sages and mystery schools suggested. They learned it as a step by step process of elevating consciousness.

So what happens if you say this to a person who is not so informed about what the pretty words mean? The New Age, where unrealistic shortcuts are what sells, would have their blind followers believe that 'Follow your heart' means ignore the rational mind and listen to anything else instead. Listen to your subconscious. Thoughtlessly obey your emotions.

In fact, what they are selling is not 'listening to your heart'. They are telling people to follow the very lowest levels of the mind and to be subconscious, less than conscious. They are getting the to follow their genitals and rectums.

It is all about emotional control and preventing people from listening to the rational mind. This is the darkest art of sales psychology. It is to program the emotions and invalidate logic. It is to discredit objectivity and altruism.

The Noble Scientific Ethic of Objectivity is the exclusion of all emotion and personal interest. 

The strategy is simple. The emotions do not understand words. They cannot process words. They just judge them on whether they sound good or bad, nice or nasty. The subconscious cannot judge the rationality of what is told. It just believes what it is told and shown. It makes associations between what it is told and shown regardless of the rationality.

Co-dependency is called love if that is what the subconscious mind is told and shown. It is defenseless.

Oh, how that is abused by the love and lighters. You can sell any egotistical evil when you call it love.

Exactly the same happens with 'rights' and 'civil liberties'. We like rights and civil liberties. They sound good. You can even sell what is frankly child abuse under those headings and the subconscious mind will just doze through it without questioning. Physiological tranquilisation will even sent the conscious mind to sleep so it does not notice or analyse what is happening.

You can sell anything to the subconscious mind and the subconscious person through the incorrect use of meaningless words that sound pretty or sound nasty. That is how it is done. It is brainwashing and disempowering people from thinking for themselves. And the motivation is profit and ego.

So there is evil in this world. Do not believe in innate human goodness. Look at the evidence and distrust. See through the sales pitch and distrust. Look at their motives. They are pure egoism and profiteering.

The only way to combat the dark arts of sales that are being used against modern medicine for the profit and ego of the 'healers' is to add emotional tags to rational explanations. It is the use of good and bad words according to their true meaning. It is the opposite of using these good and bad emotional tags to confuse, irrationalise and sell deathly lies.

There is objective evil in this world. It is damaging others for personal gain and ego. There is honest evil that is openly evil and easy to detect. Worse still is evil that is sold as sugary goodness using the dark arts. That is deceptive evil. It is doubly evil. It is far more dangerous.

Such people cannot be effectively judged on their self image or their telling the world how good they are. It is just dark sales. They must be judged on their actions. They must be judged on the predictable and avoidable consequences and outcomes of those actions. 

No, they do not have good intentions. Ignorance is no excuse. If they did really have good intentions, they would find out what they are talking about before they opened their mouths. The problem is that if they found out what they were talking about, it would devastate thir self image. They would have to admit that they were doing evil through wanton neglect and wilful ignorance just to protect their self image.

In every conceivable way, these people are objectively evil. That must be explained openly. Their brainwashing must be resisted and undone at every possible opportunity.

In the end, one of the causes of death for this child was the cultural timidity of the medical profession in speaking this truth. They have been letting the most immoral practitioners of alternative 'health'  and the love and light brigade get away with their deceptive evil for far too long. It is costing lives. It is costing children's lives.

So why not a concerted campaign for those Goverment Health Warnings on any media that corrupts minds and objectively damages is health? And let us get the warning right so that it is effective in preventing more children from dying. Let it say that this product is only a dark sales pitch for the author's ego and profit and the author does not give a damn about the consequences they are causing. Let us make the debate over rationality a matter of morality.

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