Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Fortunately I am preaching to the nearly converted on the subject of objectivity. So the objective truth about subjectivity and emotions can be bluntly clarified here without anybody getting too offended. Only the social side of the readers is going to be offended by the truth that the rest of society does not want to know about subjectivity and the emotions.
Anybody involved in science or academia should know all about the emotions because they are the fundamental enemy and gravest threat to their vows to objectivity in their work. They should want to know the absolute truth in very simple words that apply to real life and can be used in real life. They must know if they are to fulfil their promise to society on which they are granted such trust, respect and status.

Most will want to know as a matter of personal pride in their work and their dedication to the sacred quest for truth about the world that we live in.

The rest of society has no interest in understanding what emotions actually are. They simply do not want to know. All that they are interested in is pandering to them and slavishly, sheepishly obeying them. They are not interested in who their master is, preferring myth to reality.

Society glorifies emotions, calling them things like love. They have absolutely no understanding of the truth of the matter in terms of proven psychological knowledge. They do all that they can to avoid the truth of the matter because knowing what the emotions really are would instantly end their adoring worship and trusting faith in their subconscious mind.

There is nothing mystic or special about the emotions. They are nothing more than the chemical physiology of stress and relaxation. Everything is known and understood about them in science and psychology. There is no mystery. It is just that few what to know the facts about their master.

They want to believe that their emotions actually belong to them and define who they are. Nothing could be further from the truth. The emotions force us physiologically to copy others. There is absolutely no originality, creativity or inspiration in the emotions or the subconscious mind. They are sub-conscious, less than conscious, below consciousness. Creativity, originality and inspiration come from a higher level of the in every psychological or spiritual model.

The emotions are the opposite of intelligent. Emotional Intelligence is a complete misnomer. Whilst the description of the ability to move beyond focused, linear logic and build jigsaws of a wide variety of information and evidence to come up with a theory or decision that is consistent with everything is extremely important, calling this Emotional Intelligence is dangerously misleading disinformation. It has nothing to do with the emotions. In fact, the emotions are our subconscious mental blocks that prevent us from using this jigsaw or contextual logic.

The emotions are exactly what hold people back from pursuing this higher logic that has been recommended by academia from antiquity. It has always been acknowledged as the highest form of rationality and objectivity. The very definition of how a theory should be devised, accepted or rejected is based on this contextual or jigsaw logic. The rules were always that theories should be accepted or rejected according to their performance in explaining all of the available evidence. Theories should always have been devised like a jigsaw and judged on their consistency rather than linear arguments.

They claim that their emotions make them human when they are exactly what turn them into a dumb and predictable computer that has been programmed by others. The only difference between the emotions and a programmed computer s that the computer has been programmed by competent and responsible programmers. The emotions have been programmed by a thousand incompetent and irresponsible programmers, even malicious programmers and all the programs are inconsistent and pulling in different directions.
Anybody with more than half a wit who has actually used that wit to think about the question of what separates humanity from the animals will have worked out all by themselves that it is our ability to think rationally that is the great human difference. It is our conscious thought that makes us better than the dumb beasts.

It is the emotions of the subconscious mind that stop us from thinking rationally about such questions. It is almost as if they know the conclusions that we will inevitably come to and play every dirty trick in the book to stop us from going down that path and exposing their true nature. In fact, the emotions are nothing more than an evolutionary remnant from our animal past. All animals have them. They are an unnecessary and inconvenient throwback from our childhood and are completely worthless, even worse than worthless in the damage that they cause for an adult.

The lowest common denominator of society will not like this truth. Our society is insanely subjective or it would be if only psychiatry had a rational definition of insanity. Unfortunately, psychiatry’s core definition of insanity is itself subjective and based simply on ‘normality’ being as insane as the norm. So long as you think, believe and perceive like everybody else, you are okay. It is okay to follow and become the lowest common denominator because that is just what everybody else does.

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