Wednesday, December 4, 2013


The dangers of the disease of subjectivity are well known in psychiatry. It is called Borderline Personality Disorder and it is accelerating to reach epidemic proportions. It is simply a lack of self-discipline and self-control over the emotions. It is where the ‘heart’ is allowed to completely rule the head. It is the victory of the subjective emotions over rationality and objectivity.

The hard facts of this disease are horrifying. The rates of clinical anxiety and depression are staggering for those that choose the emotions over rational and objective thought. It is hardly surprising. Their unwillingness to think and make rational decisions predictably trashes their lives in every way. They make such a mess of their lives that many of them recurrently self-harm and attempt suicide.

However, they should not be considered as the sufferers because they have chosen this path. The real victims are those around them that suffer the consequences of their over-emotional decisions and total lack of morality. Nothing matters to them except how they feel at that moment. They do not care about the side-effects that they cause for others. Truth is irrelevant. They lie and manipulate pathologically to get their way.
They choose to live in an entirely subjective world. Objective truth is irrelevant.

The jargon name for the therapy that has been clinically proven to effectively treat this voluntary insanity is Dialectic Behavioural Therapy. There is nothing complex about it. It is simply forcing them to understand that there are consequences to their actions. It is forcing them to face reality including how sooner or later they make everybody in their lives hate them.

Unfortunately, psychological and medical texts on the matter cannot tell the objective truth about Borderline Personality Disorder because prospective patients might read them and their egotistical emotions might be offended. They would be far less likely to turn up for therapy if they understood the truth about their condition. They would not turn up if they knew that the psychologist would not be manipulated into seeing the world from their perspective. They would not turn up if they understood that the objective of therapy is to change them and make them more rational.

They think that anybody telling them what to do to make their lives better is an affront to their rights. It is limiting their freedom. Their idea of freedom is a libertine concept of total irresponsibility and thoughtlessness. In their subjective Lalaland, it is their right that their words and actions have no consequences. In reality, they think that everybody else should pick up the tab and pay for their ‘freedom’.
It is this lack of mentality that academia is fighting.

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